Most Recent Projects

A Sampling of My Most Recent Work from late 2021 and early 2022.


Charles Giuliano is an artist, an art critic, a former art professor, an author, a poet, and a gonzo journalist.  His life in the arts has been and continues to be colorful, and this site represents a legacy of 60+ years wearing all of those hats. This site matches the colorful nature of that life.

In more than two dozen galleries, 3,400+ images of his photographs are displayed in a variety of categories and offered for sale.


Galen Cheney is an artist in North Adams, MA, who produces stunning contemporary art pieces.  She has shown in galleries all over the world, and most recently showing in a gallery in North Carolina, and is soon to show in a gallery in China.

Her site will be updated and edited during the summer of 2022.

Peter McGrath is an artist in Boston, MA, whose art has evolved from painting to sculpture in various mediums, and is presently producing beautiful turnery art in exotic woods.  His work has appeared in the MFA Boston, as well as various galleries throughout New England.

His site has just been updated with an online storefront offering his Spring 2022 Collection of Spalted Maple Turnery.

Charles Giuliano is a well-known art historian, artist, poet, and the author of 7 books.  His most recent, for which this website was developed, is an oral history of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.  His six other books are also presented on this site.

He is spending the 2022 summer working on his 8th book, as well as his repository website for 60+ years’ worth of photographic art, which will eventually be donated to and curated by the University of Massachusetts.

Michael Lydakis is a writer and a master story teller.  His first book, Bikini. is a love story that takes place in 1946 beneath the mushroom cloud over Bikini Atoll.  

He has a second book already on the editor’s desk, and has the outline of a third book ready to have some flesh put on the bones.  A sequel to his second book is planned for next year, 2025.

I have always recommended to my clients they give their website a facelift every two years to keep it fresh and current with design and functionality standards.  I take my own advice.

This is my teaching website.  I offer classes in Chinese martial arts and meditation, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine basic concepts and practices.  Students may enroll directly from the website, and see pictures of my temple in China where I previously lived as a Daoist monk.

Developing Websites and Website Content since 2003

After formal study in Computer Science, I began developing websites in 2003.  My colleagues and I at Kiss Computing earned Webby Award Recognition as an Honoree in 2005 for our work on a website for The Dolphin Fleet, a whale watch business in Provincetown, MA.

Since then, I have been a freelancer taking on projects that interested me for clients in various industries in the US and Ireland.

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